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9X6 pure silicone lubricant

stain free | allergy free

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Our customers say it best....

Awesome lube!

Valorie, January 2016

Very helpful, informative!!

Kyle, September 2015

Best LUBE EVER!!!!

Sherman, September 2015

9X6 lubes 4.4oz 130ml premium pure silicone lubricant
9X6 lubes larger than 8oz, this bottle is 8.5oz 251ml premium pure silicone lubricant
Welcome back the 9X6 lubes 16oz 473ml premium pure silicone lubricant, a manageable
SOLD OUT. 9X6 lubes 32oz 964ml premium pure silicone lubricant. When you purchase this  bottle you will receive 2-16oz bottles for the same price as the 32oz bottle of 9X6.
The newly and highly requested 9X6 lubes 1gal 128oz refill premium pure silicone lubricant lube